Say “Yes!” to God’s Purpose

Here’s the truth—working at Camp Sonshine Maryland is tough. It’s not a vacation, nor is it just a job. It’s a mission; a life-changing experience that engages every part of your body, soul, and spirit. Most of our summer counselors will tell you that spending a summer here is one of the most challenging things they’ve ever done. However, they’ll also tell you that every moment was completely worth it. Through serving others, they were able to discover God’s purpose for their lives.

When you say “YES!” to Camp Sonshine, you are not only saying “yes” to making a positive impact on the lives of youth in and around Howard and Montgomery counties, you are also saying “YES!” to…

Practical Ministry Training

During training week, you learn more about Camp Sonshine as an organization and our mission to reach children and youth with God’s love. You learn how to work with children, set expectations, and team building skills.

Counselor Training Week (Required): June 9th – June 17th

Paid Missions

The summer camp season at Camp Sonshine runs for a total of 12 weeks from June 9th– August 31st, which includes one week of required training (June 9th-June17th),  nine weeks of summer camp (June 18th– August 18th), and two optional summer camp weeks (August 19th– August 31st).


  • Group Counselor: Group Counselors (must be 18+ years old) work with a specific group of campers throughout the summer. This position can often vary because of our campers’ range of ages, which starts at age three to 16 years old.
  • Activities Counselor: Activity Counselors (must be 18+ years old) are our resident “creative experts” and an integral part of our team. Activity Counselors specialize in one area of activity; they provide campers with the opportunity to try new things, enjoy new challenges, and of course, have fun!
  • Support Staff: Our Support Staff are people who make things happen! They’re always ready at a moment’s notice. Behind the scenes or in front, Camp Sonshine couldn’t run without our Support Staff.
  • Specialty Camp Staff

Want to learn more about what makes a GREAT camp counselor at Camp Sonshine? Read “You’re Hired! 3 Qualities That Will Make You an Amazing Camp Counselor.”

Intentional Leadership Development

Once placed, you are assigned a Head Counselor (oversees your work and a couple other staff in your program) and a Programmer (in charge of the entire program).

Monday and Tuesday night program meetings are used to discuss areas for improvement and highlight achievements of the week. These meetings give counselors opportunities to develop leadership skills and grow into the person they are called to be.

Additionally, each housing area is assigned an RA who provide mentorship and support outside of the camp day.

Life Changing Community

Although working at Camp is hard work, there are moments to connect and build lasting relationships with fellow counselors and Camp leaders. For example…

  • You’ll get to attend planned staff trips throughout the summer, which gives you opportunities to make fun memories!
  • We have an AMAZING all staff worship service every Wednesday evening where counselors get to REFUEL as they spend time worshipping our Lord.
  • House meetings are also great opportunities to connect more with the people you live, and serve, with.

How to Apply

Are you ready to say “YES!” to joining a talented team of men and women who are serious about having fun and helping kids learn how to be successful in the journey of growing up? Are you ready to be a part of a team that delivers award-winning programming designed to create fun memories where children and youth experience God’s love?

If your answer is a resounding “YES!” go ahead and get started on the online employment application.

Still have questions about our employment opportunities? Review our Employment FAQs or contact Parent Services by calling (301) 989-CAMP (2267).

– Nate E.

“I experienced God’s purpose at camp by growing in patience & confidence.” – Nate E.

– Kisha A.

“I experienced God’s purpose at camp by knowing I couldn’t do camp without Him. The days that I didn’t open my Bible or pray to Him were the hardest days. He showed me more of Him and how I would see His purposes filled. The days I prayed I loved my kids harder and had more than enough energy to have more fun with them.” – Kisha A.

– Rachel M.

“Camp put me in a new situation I never experienced to go through and I’m beyond grateful to have even the smallest impact on those kids’ lives.” – Rachel M.

– Shaylee S.

“Camp taught me that God desires for every person to live joyfully, knowing that He is faithful to provide what each person needs. I learned this even after spending two years at a Bible college.” – Shaylee S.