Camp Sonshine is a summer camp a stone’s throw from Howard County, that’s designed for kids all the way from Pre-K through 10th grade, with a Leader-in-Training (LIT) program available through 11th grade.

Camp Sonshine is in the business of fun, and we provide an abundance of fun activities all day long, and during some weeks your child (3rd grade and up) can choose to have an overnighter at the camp as well!

We’re just minutes from Howard County!

If you live or work in Howard County, we’re very close! Your kids are nearby. It won’t take long to get to Camp Sonshine, and many parents have agreed that if there was any extra time on the road, it was worth it! Camp Sonshine is like no other place on earth!

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We offer bus transportation to many convenient locations in Howard County.

If you’re from Howard County and coming to Camp Sonshine, you won’t be alone. In fact, we have many campers from Howard County.  Our Camp Sonshine buses can transport your kids to and from our Howard County bus stop locations. We know you have a busy schedule, and we want to help you out, so we’ll get your kids to Camp and deliver them back to you!

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We have many campers, children, and teens who live in Howard County!

Many of our camp families are from Howard County, and they’re able to make the drive and the hours fit their schedule. In fact, many say they are happy to make Camp fit within their schedule, even if they’re not able to take advantage of the convenient bus dropoffs. And if you find some neighborhood friends who want to attend Camp, you could even take turns making the drive!

We take several field trips to pools and other fun locations in Howard County!

Howard County has a lot of great places for kids to visit, and we love to have our campers experience what Howard County has to offer. Your kids might even be able to enjoy their favorite local pool! And, if you need to bring your kids to camp late one day or pick them up early for any reason, they might be at a skating rink or bowling alley just down the street!

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Camp Sonshine – Specializing in Fun!

Camp Sonshine Maryland has been providing fun and character-building activities for kids for over 30 years! We love working with children, and we get excited about helping them be successful in the business of growing up.

While they’re with us, your children will learn important life skills, get to interact with excellent role models, make new friends, and most of all, have enormous amounts of fun! Let Camp Sonshine Maryland help your kids be all that God has created them to be!