David Black, Founder

“When I was a freshman in college,” recalls David Black, founder of Camp Sonshine and Camp Sonshine International, “I wanted to start a camp that was more than just a “daycare drop-off” for busy parents. I thought, “What if there were a place where kids could have fun and learn how to be successful in the journey of growing up?””

“So in 1981, I started Camp Sonshine right in my mom’s backyard. My sister, Marsha, and I were the counselors and about 20 kids showed up that first summer.”

Fast-forward 30 years…Parents are busier than ever, but Camp Sonshine has become a staying pillar in the community, providing a safe and unforgettable experience for thousands of kids every summer.

“My kids love it!  I really like the fact that it is a camp intended for the kid’s enjoyment and at the same time instilling great values.”

Camp Sonshine Goes International

Camp Sonshine’s reach extends far beyond the borders of Maryland through Camp Sonshine International. Camp Sonshine International has been bringing Camp to kids from around the world since 1981. Starting in Maryland, but moving to places like Guatemala, the Philippines, South Africa, and more! The vision to bring God’s love and purpose to children across the globe has now grown to include over 7,000 children a year.

Camp Sonshine’s Recipe for Success

“With over 30 years experience,” says David Black, “I believe we’ve found the recipe for success: a RIDICULOUSLY FUN ENVIRONMENT where kids are safe to EXPLORE, LEARN, and GROW. That’s it! Surrounded by unconditional love and acceptance, your children can be free to be themselves here!”

“My son calls it “the funnest place on earth.”

“I am amazed at what God has done because of a dream. I look forward to the next 30 years while we continue to do what we’ve always done: creating fun memories where children and youth experience God’s love.”