Why Choose Camp Sonshine?

Camp is tough, but worth it. Camp Sonshine is not a vacation; nor is it just a job. It is a life-changing experience that engages every part of your body, soul, and spirit. Most of our counselors will tell you that spending a summer here is one of the most challenging things they have ever done. They will also tell you that every moment was completely worth it.

“I love Camp Sonshine because of their mission, their vision and the passion that they have to really love the kids, and just be there for them.”

Camp Sonshine creates fun memories where children and youth experience God’s love.

Camp Sonshine Mission

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Staff Positions

Group Counselors

Group counselors work with a specific group of campers throughout the summer. This position can often vary because of our campers’ range of ages which is 4 to 16 years old.

Activity Counselors

Activity counselors are our “creative experts” – an integral part of our team that specializes in one area of activity so that can provide campers with the opportunity to try new things, enjoy new challenges, and of course, to have fun.

Support Counselors

Support staff members are the people who make things happen – always ready at a moment’s notice. They are the “wind beneath the wings” for every member of the Camp Sonshine team. Behind the scenes or in front, Camp Sonshine couldn’t run without our Support Staff of:

  • Assistant Counselors (16 yrs. to 17 yrs. old)
  • Calming Tent (camper discipline and special attention)
  • Food Service Coordinator and Assistant
  • Maintenance and Assistant
  • Nurse/ Nurse’s Assistant
  • Office Administrator
  • Photo and Video Coordinator
  • Finance Office Administrator


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What is the hiring process?

First apply and then an interviewer will call to schedule an interview over the phone. We will let you know within 5 days of the interview what the decision is.

What are the minimum requirements to be a counselor?

Only three things:

  1. be over the age of 18
  2. be a professing Christian
  3. able to commit to work at camp for the necessary dates
What are the dates?

We have two options:

  1. 9 weeks (June 6-August 8)
  2. 10 weeks (June 6-August 15)
What if I can’t work the above dates?

“You never know if you don’t ask”. Go ahead and call a recruiter and see what we have available for your specific situation. 301-989-2267

Will I know my position before the summer?

We will let all our staff know their placement on June 10 once everyone is here.

How does housing work?

We have host homes and camp houses. All our domestic staff will be placed in Camp Housing according to the needs of camp. Please log into your CampInTouch and see the form “I Signed Up for What?!”

How much do I get paid?

Your pay is based on your placement, which is decided upon your arrival to camp.

Where is Camp Sonshine?

Our main campus is in Silver Spring, MD. We are located in between Washington D.C. and Baltimore.

Who do you serve?

We serve children from the ages of 4-17 in our very diverse area. A lot of culture, religions, and financial backgrounds are represented in the 3,000 kids that we serve each summer.